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August 2nd, 2013 at 3:21pm

We can help with Home Mortgages

Technology is really an amazing tool to help us accomplish more each day. In our business, it can often compress the timelines it takes to accomplish tasks that might otherwise be long and drawn-out processes – like applying for home mortgages. One of these tools we don’t talk about nearly enough here at Complete Real Estate Solutions, LLC is a link on our Facebook page to “Mortgage PreFlight” – a great tool to aid in planning for home mortgages.

This system is a safe and totally encrypted on-line method to access pre-authorizations for credit data and applications for home mortgages. It can really accelerate the application process as it gives users and lenders both a way to exchange.

Here at Complete Real Estate Solutions, we are experiencing a “heating-up” of the Indianapolis area Real Estate Market and the demand for Home Mortgages. We think this tool allows potential buyers to assume a position of bargaining strength a lot quicker and earlier in the buying process. Regardless of timing, knowing the availability of suitable home mortgages is a great first step toward accessing what size and type of home our clients can reasonably afford.

If you are looking to buy or even thinking that you might want to test the market, this tool can provide a real-time, direct and secure conduit to mortgage professionals – and, within seconds, your data can be in the hands of decision makers for immediate review, response and processing.

The Mortgage Preflight system utilizes bank-level security including 128-bit SSL encryption. The system’s authentication process verifies your identity before your Preflight transaction is processed. Mortgage Preflight is designed, operated and maintained by Credit Technologies, Inc. and works closely with all three major credit repositories (Experian, Trans Union and Equifax) to accurately access creditworthiness.

We would welcome the chance to walk all potential home-buyers through this process and help to explain and understand how these precise credit scores are calculated. They are the primary determining factors lenders use to determine your loan eligibility and terms. Find more information at their website

If you have more questions about home mortgages or the buying or application process, call a member of our team here at Complete Real Estate Solutions, LLC at 317.885.5099. And you can find out more about Mortgage PreFlight here or at the website.