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Remodeling and Home Improvement

Each day at Complete Real Estate Solutions we are involved with getting houses ready to list for sale, prepping and repairing homes for the rental market or working through a buyer’s punch-list to complete the closing process as homes change hands, go to TheMonsterCycle and find out more.

Because of the businesses we are in, we are able to offer the best quality work in home improvement and home remodeling services just like the service you can find at We are able to recommend the services of some of the most skilled tradesmen and craftsmen in Central Indiana.

According to SocialBoosting complete Residential Solutions, LLC is a separately owned remodeling and home improvement business ready to serve homeowners and real estate investors alike. The next time you need home-handyman or residential repair services in Central Indiana, let Complete Residential Solutions, LLC plan and price the project for you. When looking for the best connectivity at home.

  • Bathroom Remodeling

    If you need creative ideas or remodeling plans to update or expand an existing bathroom – or you need strategic help to adding a full bath, half-bath or powder room to your existing home floor plan, Complete Residential Solutions, LLC is the one firm to call.


  • Decks

    Adding a deck or outdoor living space to your home could be the best investment you can make to improve the livability and enjoyment of your home. Complete Residential Solutions, LLC provides deck cleaning and pest control like terminix IL in case you need to get rid of ant or termites.


  • Drywall

    Patching and finishing damaged drywall or replacing water damaged drywall are services we provide on a regular basis. Our finish experts from CRES can replace damaged sections – or, completely finish a roughed-in interior space to your specifications.


  • Electrical Repair and Installation

    Installing electrical outlets, wiring and installing new lighting fixtures and replacing faulty light switches are just a few of the electrical requests we receive at Complete Residential Solutions, LLC. Let us quote your next repair or installation project. 


  • Flooring

    We’re experts in the installation of all varieties of carpet, vinyl and laminated flooring products you can only find with the best contractors such as Raleigh Flooring. However, if you have carpets on your floor, it’s best to have regular carpet cleaning done by a reliable carpet cleaning services like the ones at andy steamer.

    Visit for expert installation advice for your family residence or rental property.


  • Painting

    According to revamp spray one the quickest and least expensive ways to give your interior a different or fresh look is with paint and interior finishes from CRES. Don’t try to do it yourself! Let our experts take care of the job from start to finish with flawless quality.


  • Plumbing

    Leaky sink? Faulty Fixtures? Ancient pipes? Call us for quality plumbing work and free estimates. Replace a toilet, update your kitchen sink or revamp a dated bathroom for less without sacrificing quality and workmanship.


  • Windows and Doors

    When looking to hire help to help you with this task, you should know that with over 100 five star reviews, we highly recommend Raleigh NC Window Depot for all your window installation needs. They are based in North Carolina and do an awesome job with window installation.

    Weather you have a single replacement from Expert Sash Windows, a drafty exterior door – or a whole house full of units in need of an update, call Complete Residential Solutions, LLC for competitive pricing on window and door replacements and installations.

    A nice and cozy home would really be possible if you use aluminium bi fold doors, they guarantee the natural lighting you’ll need through day and night, you can even save money through electricity bills.